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Select the Right Scalextric Slot Car Set For A Gift

Scalextric cars have come a long way since their humble beginnings over half a century ago. Today, the slot car manufacturer, whose brand is as synonymous with its profession as Hoover is with vacuum cleansers and Tannoy is with public announcement systems, is a flourishing business with new technological advances and licensed products ensuring it stays on the forefront of the slot car industry.

Slot Car and Slot Car Racing Sets

In case you, like many a younger boy (and woman), once dreamed of being a race auto motor driver, its a safe bet that the nearest you came was racing Scalextric slot cars. Slot car racing is a passion that appeals to each young and old (it never dies, it merely gets filed away until you’re old enough to know better!) and has been so for a few years now, due to the enduring appeal and fantastic array of Scalextric slot vehicles,……………..

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