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Slot car racing is a hobby that is timeless, and when you hear the language, one name stands above the rest: Scalextric. Scalextric came in 1952 from the Scalex brand of Minimodels Ltd., which was powered by a clockwork system. What this meant is that it used a number of gears to mechanically power each car. They basically took the term Scalex and electric, and combined them to form Scalextric. The Scalextric Slot Cars were first introduced in the UK at the annual Harrogate Toy Fair in 1957 by their inventor, Mr B. “Freddie” Francis.

In 1958, the firm was sold to Line Bros Ltd., who right at that moment, operated as “Tri-ang”. Rovex was a subsidiary of Tri-ang that specialized in plastic and started converting Scalextric’s metal slot cars to plastic as it was easier and cheaper to mold them. The track, which was originally a rubber compound, also became molded plastic later.

Most Scalextric products were 1:32 scale, with the exception being Super124 cars and tracks, that between 1968 and 1970 were manufactured at 1:24 scale. Then, in the late 1990s, the Micro Scalextric line, that is at 1:64 scale, was introduced. Scalextric was searching for a way to make their tracks easier to assemble, and early 2000, they did just that. They gave it the name Scalextric Sport, and it can coupled to the classic track using special adaptor pieces. You can also run cars from different producers on Scalextric tracks without and kind of modification. These manufacturers would include such names as Ninco, Fly,, SCX, and MRRC.

In 2004, Scalextric really stepped up and introduced Scalextric Sport Digital. This is a track in which up to 6 digital cars may be raced in a single slot. The’re slot-lane changing tracks that allow the cars to differ from one slot to another. Sport Digital cars will run on the common non-digital tracks, but the original analog cars need you to install a digital chip to them to run on a digital track.

You can locate a Scalextric slot car in exactly about any model of car you want. However it doesn’t just stop at cars. You can get go-karts, motorcycles, skateboards, even horses! As it started in the UK, Scalextric has a massive following there, but has also become unbelievably popular in the United States. This would have a lot to do with the Indy and Nascar lines, which Scalextric has replicated perfectly.

Since there has been an increase in interest in Scalextric in recent times, you can locate lots of sites that give you info on how you can modify any of your car to perform better. 

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