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How To Get Started In Slot Car Racing?

Do you feel the desire for speed, but don’t need all of the dangers and risks that are included when driving a genuine car at high speeds incurs? Not to bring up the cost to fix a real racing car when you end up it up in a crash. If this is you, then test your hand at slot car racing. You see, model slot car racing has existed since 1929 and has acquired i

Preparing For Slot Car Racing – The Basics

Each racing event follows a different operation of organizing races. The components under are one of the most common ones that might be seen in many major racing circuits.

Slot Car Racing For Beginners

Slot cars have been around for decades and kids of all ages have, in one way or another, experienced the thrill of racing miniature models of their favorite cars, whether by watching adults race slot cars or by growing up racing the cars themselves. But not everybody is very familiar with the hobby because in as much as gaming and sports goes, children nowadays are more computer-game-oriented.

Slot Car Racing – Overview

Slot car racing was popularized in the 1960s although the hobby has been around a few decades earlier. The first commercial slot cars were made during 1912 by an American company called Lionel. From then on, it was only …………….

Slot Car Racing Tracks And Track Layout

Slot vehicle racing is really a competitive hobby which makes use of miniature replicas of genuine race vehicles. These mock-ups are guided by slots or grooves so they stay on track as they race against each other. This hobby ranges from usual family gatherings around house tracks to significant competitions wherein rivals carefully make or modify their own race cars for superb performance


Are you feeling the urge for speed, but don’t want all of the dangers and dangers which are associated with when driving a real automobile at excessive speeds incurs? Not only that but also the cost to repair an actual racing automotive once you end your race up in a crash…………..

Slot Car Racing Brand Scalextric – Past And Present

Scalextric slot cars and were definitely firstly created within the 1950s by British firm Minimodels. The firm had in 1952 presented a range of clockwork powered race vehicle techniques known as Scalex, which have been then adapted into electric techniques and renamed Scalextric, combining the lyrics Scalex and electric…………………….

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