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How To Get Started In Slot Car Racing?

Do you feel the desire for speed, but don’t need all of the dangers and risks that are included when driving a genuine car at high speeds incurs? Not to bring up the cost to fix a real racing car when you end up it up in a crash. If this is you, then test your hand at slot car racing. You see, model slot car racing has existed since 1929 and has acquired i

Select the Right Scalextric Slot Car Set For A Gift

Scalextric cars have come a long way since their humble beginnings over half a century ago. Today, the slot car manufacturer, whose brand is as synonymous with its profession as Hoover is with vacuum cleansers and Tannoy is with public announcement systems, is a flourishing business with new technological advances and licensed products ensuring it stays on the forefront of the slot car industry.

Slot Car – Scalextric

Slot car racing is a hobby that is timeless, and when you hear the language, one name stands above the rest: Scalextric. Scalextric came in 1952 from the Scalex brand of Minimodels Ltd., which was powered by a clockwork system. What this meant is that it used a number of gears to mechanically power each car. They basically took the term Scalex and electric, and combined them to form Scalextric. The Scalextric Slot Cars were first introduced in the UK at the ……………..

The Ideal Slot Car Scale For You Personally

Slot cars come in several scales – from the more compact HO scale towards larger scale 1:24 size. The greatest size dimension for you really relies on how very much room you can use to work with it and what you are preparing to do with the car………………

How To Improve The Performance Of HO Slot Cars

Slot cars are powered small vehicles that are assisted by a slot or groove set in the tracks on which they run. At the bottom of the motor car is a blade or pin that keeps the vehicle in the slot. To make the car run, the metal strips placed with the slot deliver power to the vehicle motor. Such power is acquired by contacts discovered beside the guide flag, under the front portion of the slot car. The voltage is controlled via a resistor in the hand controller.

Slot Cars Maintenance Tips

Are you knowledgeable about the cliché that goes, “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken”? Apparently, this does not work out every occasion. Take the case of your slot cars, for instance. Just like bulky automobiles, there will come a time when age would ultimately take its toll on them. They’re not …

Knowing Slot Cars

If you care about cars and get off on speed as much as I do, you would do well to try slot car racing. Slot cars have been popular since the late 1950s, and despite the proliferation of a great many other hobbies ever since, slot car racing is still very much in the mainstream. The fun factor and the customization possibilities involved in slot car racing simply give the sport a direct attract many car and toy enthusiasts.

Slot Race Cars – Toys For Kids

Toys are competent educational tools for kids since they in effect integrate fun with learning. Kids enjoy playing, and more often than not that’s the only activity they care for. Hence, mothers and fathers need to be ingenious in their attempts to sublimate their kids’ learning into more pleasant pursuits. If your child is a boy, the chances are he’ll be more fond of practice with toy cars, even more so with the ones that can move really fast! Also,

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